Interdental wire

For the production of interdental brushes we offer a variety of wires.

Preferably plastic coated wires (polyurethane or polyester) are being used. The following colours are common:

           yellow / green / red / blue / violet / black / transparent / pink / orange / white

All wires are available without coating as well.


The selection of the suitable material depends in the first place on the brush dimension, but as well on requirements regarding stiffness and durability of the final product.


Today AISI 304 is proven as a standard for the majority of applications. With this good results can be achieved. In some cases also AISI 302 or AISI 316 are being used alternatively.

Due to the trend to smaller micro-bushes, there is an increasing demand in finer wires. In order to meet the specific demands in these cases - in particular for wire diameters < 0,25 mm -, we developed alternative materials. These allow to achieve much higher stiffness of the brush as well as higher durability.

Already since 2006 we have been offering material AISI 302 HT for this purpose. Many of our customers have been using this with a constantly growing demand.

Most superior properties to meet highest demands regarding stiffness and durability can be achieved with alloy 17-15. Due to its excellent ductility and elasticity, also machinability is most favourable for brush manufacturing process.


Available on Spools K 125 or K 160 (or acc. to your demands)

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